13 Reasons Why Austin Mahone May Steal Justin Bieber’s Crown…and His Girl

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Justin Beiber  And Austin Mahone Visit The Elvis Duran Z100 Morning Show
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We couldn’t help but notice the similarities between rising pop sensation Austin Mahone and current pop king Justin Bieber…it’s borderline scary. Here are some of them:

#1. The harem pants.

austin-mahone-miami-shopping-trip Justin+Bieber+tries+keep+low+profile+despite+OSoRv5HZDgLl

#2.  The Instagram selfies.

austin-mahone-1351809730 tumblr_mg853xAyk31qhft5ko1_500

#3. The moustache faces.

austin-mahone-1349732224 justin-bieber-porte-la-moustache-vous-le-trouvez-comment-23398

#4. Leaning on cars with jean jackets.

Austin+Mahone+PNG+version-1 biebercts

#5. They both make the heart symbol.

Austin+Mahone+PNG+version justin-bieber-heart-love

#6. And an extremely similar tongue face.

Austin-Mahone-austin-mahone-34424530-500-500 BGq0lTeCEAAnoDG

#7. Similar glasses…

austin-mahone-310004 justin_bieber_geek_glasses

#8. We feel like we could honestly mistake these two for each other.

austin-mahone-austin-mahone-30217371-1024-1024 Justin Bieber Pictures in black suit hd

#9. They even both have the same signature lip-licking move.

tumblr_lpz1dy1LZt1qk4yfro1_500 tumblr_mm9booqNBv1rhb9zmo1_500

#10. Again, the similarities in the Instagram pictures…

austin-mahone-332050 ok_051013-justin-bieber-drinking-main

#11. Oh COME ON.

image justin-bieber

#12. You know who we bet would love Austin, is —


— oh god —


— here we go….


#13. Even Selena’s best friend, Taylor Swift, seems to approve of Austin WAY more than she approves of JBieb.

taylor-swift-austin-mahone 603715_522963317762252_1448234177_n

Better watch out, Biebs!


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